Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station



The Station receives frequent communications from individuals offering their services for casual employment or volunteering their services in lieu of provision of board and lodgings. If casual or full-time employment is available on the Station then it will be clearly advertised on this web site and through appropriate media.

The Station is dependent on external income through research grants to support projects that might include opportunities for suitably qualified volunteers to provide services where their food and lodging would be provided for. Such funding is rare and preference will usually be given to engaging participants from organisations such as Earthwatch or Conservation Volunteers Australia. If any opportunities arise where volunteers will be housed and catered for by the Station then advance notice will be given under this heading on this web site.



The Station does encourage suitably qualified volunteers who are willing to pay for their food, accommodation and incidental expenses to provide services to the Station's infrastructure projects such as in eco-tourism, a botanic garden and farm forestry-native bush foods, to the Station's long-term monitoring programs of vegetation communities and fauna or to ongoing research projects with wildlife. Typically such volunteers will have some training in the natural sciences and are seeking practical experience in field-based research and/or to make a personal contribution towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management. Visits will be of at least one week's duration for volunteers arriving by their own transport or at least two week's duration for volunteers requiring assistance with transport from Broken Hill (there is no public transport along the Silver City Highway north of Broken Hill). Students seeking longer training in field-based research should follow the 'Practical Training' link. Visits in Summer (December through February) are discouraged unless the volunteer can demonstrate realistic expectations about coping with daytime temperatures regularly in excess of 37 degrees C.

Volunteers interested in placements at Fowlers Gap should send an expression of interest including your CV to the Director.